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Thanks for swinging by our little corner of the internet. We are about to tell you the very long but mighty fine back-story of STL but first we wanted you to know that…

You are loved.
You are dope.
And all are welcome here. 

Okay…. Now back to business!

What makes STL unique?! What is the studios mission?! What is the history of the STL fam bam?

Let’s start with the WHY

Founder, teacher, yogi + coach Danielle is a tough cookie. And this all started at a young age. When she was 9 years old her best friend passed away. Danielle lost her dad at 9 to a boating accident.

Now don’t worry… this entire story is not all sad!

To back track a bit more, shortly before Danielle lost her dad he asked her one night when tucking her in bed “what is one thing you want me to ask God to do for you when I die?” Danielle was confused by the question (especially as her father was not a religious person). Her father continued to say “what is one gift I can ask of him that would make you smile”… her response :: “to light the whole sky up pink”

Fast forward to a year after Danielle’s dad passed away. Danielle and her mom were on the way to Chucky Cheese and she started crying like crazy because the ENTIRE sky (a full 360 y’all) was bright pink.

So, long story short, the name of the studio is based on this unique sunset story but continues to shine elsewhere. From the skylights in our large studio room to the motto “Sky’s The Limit” that we live by as we focus on brining yoga to mat and beyond.

We truly believe that yoga is for everyBODY. We HATE the term “beginner” or “advanced” classes, because there is something for everyone to do in every class. So if you are a newbie and you want to try a power class, cool! Come join in on the fun! All we ask is that you leave your ego at the door! :) We continue to take the studio's name to heart as we spread the yoga love off the mat. From community events throughout several cities in Hampton Roads, to our co-working space, and beyond.


The idea of yoga on + off the mat is our mission. Our goal is to provide yoga to everyBODY, both on and off the mat.

Danielle’s original idea was to open a yoga studio + coffee shop. A place for the yoga community to grow beyond the 60min flow. A space for everyone to feel welcomed and for love to flourish.

Danielle started this journey back in 2017. Some locations fell through due to cost. Others due to permitting issues. And thennnnn the Rona hit.

We are truly blessed for the growth during COVID as our virtual platform flourished MINUTES after we launched (huge shout out to all our “Real OG Members”).

Due to your support, we opened in 2021, but had to ditch the full-blown coffee shop. However, we are still connected to our mission by offering a beautiful co-working space for the yoga community to grow off the mat (and yes, coffee will still be a part of this venture). 

From our story founding the company name, to our 4 year community based growth (fun fact, we won best yoga studio 3 years in a row without having a brick and mortar), to now… we think Sky’s The Limit is one unique, but amazing community!

We hope that you give us a chance to show you the SLT magic, both on and off the mat.

so what makes us unique?

Danielle Collinsworth, aka Danyell, aka The Caffeinated yogi founded Sky’s the Limit Yoga Co back in 2017. Danielle was born and raised in the Tampa FL area and moved to NFK to open STL! Before she went full time yogi she worked in the world of finance when she lived in St Petersburg FL. But Danielle’s yoga journey dates even farther back to her early undergrad days. Danielle danced competitively and taught dance for about 15 years. When she went to college she missed her favorite form of movement and decided to give yoga a try. Years later, miles away from home, and after consuming a shit ton of coffee Danielle is now the proud owner of Sky’s The Limit Yoga Co and The Caffeinated Yogi (TCY). 

With TCY you can find Danielle coaching clients 1:1 via fitness, mobility, and nutrition. Want to learn more? Click here.

Yoga wise Danielle is an E-RYT 500, YACEP, RPYT, and a Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 50. But her love for movement and her knowledge as a coach goes beyond the yoga mat. Danielle is an ACE Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), CrossFit Level 1 Coach, and a NASM Nutrition Coach

Danielle - Founder, Owner, Teacher

Buti is a fusion of yoga asana, HIIT movements, tribal dance, and deep core activation. In class we jam to EDM style music! You can expect lots of grooves + sweaty moves all while getting your booty shaking!


Do you run, lift weight, or get sweaty in a hit class? Maybe you are just looking for a non-traditional type of yoga class to get your tight ass feeling mighty fine? Either way this class is for you! We will add in different props + moves that you normally don’t see in yoga class to get your mind and body balanced and ready to take on your next sweaty adventure. 


Meet the Team



Sarah began practicing yoga 15 years ago as a teenager. Initially, going to yoga classes at the local gym was an excuse to tag along with her older, cooler cousin. However, after that first yoga class, she felt energized and refreshed in a way that she had never before experienced. Stepping on the mat and away from the rush of life fixed whatever was going wrong, whether it was an injury from dance or just a rough day. Sarah was soon a regular attendee, and continued her love for yoga practice as she moved around the country. Sarah hopes her students leave each class feeling the same way she does: calm and energized. 

Sarah, Teacher

Christal is a native New Yorker who made Virginia her home after serving in the Navy. She is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga as well as guiding classes, studying yogic philosophy and all things Yoga. Christal focuses on the importance of matching breath with movement for a deeper connection to self and to take yoga to a higher level of consciousness. Also, guiding underserved groups is a passion as she loves to share her knowledge with those who may not have access to yoga for whatever reason however, like all of us, absolutely need it. Lastly, Christal is a lover of life, animals, friendships and of course Yoga.


Alli first discovered yoga at ODU in their group fitness classes. She fell in love with the asana limb of yoga there. Eight years later she took her first teacher training and discovered and started to live in the other seven limbs of yoga. Since then she has studied yoga in India, became a licensed massage therapist, and has taught over 1,000 hours of yoga in Hampton Roads. In her classes you can expect to check out of your thoughts and into your body, and always a little core work! When she’s not on her mat you can find Alli cozied up with her puppy Zola, and good book, and a cup of coffee. 


Andra is a native Seattlite who stayed in Virginia after her last station in the Coast Guard. After being a diesel mechanic for seven years, she turned to yoga as a way to recenter herself. Now a licensed massage therapist, she enjoys centering her life around helping her students and the people around her relax. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys hanging with her dog Tate, reading, working out, and trying new restaurants. Her only hope is that her students leave class feeling energized, recentered, and ready to tackle anything. 

Andra Buzatu

Matthew is not a yoga teacher, but he is the heart of the studio as he will soon be saying “I Do” to Danielle (the boss babe). Matt Talley (or some just stick with Talley) became a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) in 2011.  As an ATC Matt currently acts as the school sports medical professional at Norfolk Collegiate and will be the guide of our injury prevention classes. Matt loves to problem solve, especially when it comes to the human body and movement. Matt enjoys working with people to help them manage pain and prevent injury and looks forward to chatting with everyBODY off the mat. 


Susan is a 200 RYT yoga instructor and was in the inaugural Skys the Limit teacher training program. She lives in Norfolk and has taught students from preschool through high school for the past five years. She is currently teaching young children with special needs and pursuing a Master’s degree in special education. Susan is interested in bringing the joy of yoga to people of all ages and abilities!”


Heather has have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years, and received her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher title in 2020. Heather jumped right into teaching both in person and virtual and has been a STL fan fave since day one! Prior to yoga, Heather was a Pilates teacher and a swim coach/ instructor dating back to 2006. In addition to teaching yoga, Heather works full time in finance in Norfolk. When not at her 9-5 or guiding a class you can catch Heather traveling to the mountains, hiking, enjoying live music and knitting, while also squeezing in some time with her favorite niece and nephew.


Addison Phoenix is from Texas, but now calls Norfolk home. Addison is a civil engineer by day and enjoys martial arts and playing the violin. Her teaching style is a mix of Dolly Parton & Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes with Trap & Bluegrass music and challenging but super fun movement (I promise it works!). As a survivor of domestic violence, Addison is deeply passionate about radical self-acceptance, empowerment, and body positivity which she incorporates in her classes.  Her motto in life is "Do no harm, Take no shit, and be as radiant as fuck".

Addison Phoneix, TEACHER

After a handful of years cultivating an at-home yoga practice, I started attending classes at a local studio. I loved sharing my space and energy with other yogis. My family moved to Norfolk in 2021 and I started yoga teacher training right here STL, graduating in December. Suddenly everything changed when I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2022. Though not able to keep up with my daily movement anymore, I used the mindfulness and breathing techniques of yoga to help me through treatment. Guiding classes and sharing this space with others has continued helping me on my journey. I look forward to guiding you on the mat soon!

Everdeen Macdonald, TEACHER

Brianne first started Yoga in college as a way to reduce stress, but quickly fell in love with the practice as a whole spiritual lifestyle. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Special and Elementary Education, Bri moved to Norfolk to be with her husband. She completed her 200 hour, trauma-informed YTT that same year, and has been teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to the community ever since. Outside of teaching, Bri loves working out, eating, laughing, and exploring with her two rescue pups! She’s a big people-person, so come flow with her or stop by the front desk to say hi! 

Brianne Beauchamp 

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