Class Descriptions

Are you a busy bee who needs some mat time but also has a schedule booked to the max? Making an hour-long class seem near to impossible, and leave you needing more zen than ever!

We gotchu. We feel you. We want to flow with you!

Join us for a 30 minute session where we get you moving, build a tiny bit of heat, stretch the body, and leave the mind feeling just right to tackle your busy day.

Class is only 30 minutes so please come on time so you can get the best experience!


Let’s take time to get yo mind just right. We will take time to calm the body, control the breath, and guide the body to a state of zen. 


Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it gooooo.

Our flow classes will spark a bit of a challenge, while incorporating some yummy stretches. 

The beautiful thing about the STL fam bam is we flow differently with every practice. No matter the guide, all are welcomed as we start by grounding. We will work our way through standing poses that build heat through bits of vinyasa sequencing (moving with breath), and end with some stretches. 

We will keep you on your toes as we spice up the creativity and leave you with a smile. 


Are you a yogi who lifts, runs, or enjoys a bit of challenge to the physical body when off the yoga mat? 

Have you ever looked for ways to prevent injury but you were left stumped or unmotivated?

If so let our in-house sports medicine guru guide you through this un-traditional yoga practice. An athletic trainer or functional movement specialist will guide you through injury prevention tips and tricks and bring balance to your body, plus give you a sprinkle of fun!

You will leave with fun new ideas to incorporate into your warm up or cool down when tackling your favorite forms of movement.

injury prevention

Have you ever wanted the spiciness of a power class but the yumminess of a yin sesh all in one?

Well, we have a class for that!

Power/Yin starts strong, with a power vinyasa flow that challenges mind and body to the max. When we are about halfway we switch it up and move from yang to yin. Here we focus on long holds as we bring some TLC to your muscles, joints, and beyond. 

50/50 Power and Yin

Strong yogis are DOPE yogis. One way to build strength on the mat is with a power flow. 

A mixture of creative standing sequences that may challenge you to move fast OR hold a pose for a HOT sec. We will build strength physically and mentally as we challenge all parts of body and leave you with a sweaty smile. 

All levels are welcomed! If you are a newbie we just ask that you come with an open mind, give things a try, and have fun!


Do you miss nap time? Ever wish you could attend a class that is just one long savasana?

If so – napasana is for you! Join us for a 30 minute mid-day break to relax your body and give you the rest you need!


So you like to flow, but you want something that is more grounding and calming? That is what you can expect with our slow flow. 

Mat time where we move through postures you’d see in our fan fave “flow” classes… just a bit slower. AKA a class that will get you moving but leave you with ALL THE FEELS.

slow flow

While the adults soak up mat time in our sky room the kiddos will move and groove on their mat in our lotus room! 

Class is welcomed to all little yoginis that are roughly 6-10 years/old. Class will be structured with time on and off the mat as we get their creative juices flowing with all sorts of fun yoga approved activities. 

kids yoga

Looking to stretch and restore the body? If so restorative is for you!

We use props to support and assist the body to enter into stretches at ease. The use of props can help you find proper alignment without pushing past your edge. Restorative is a great way to let your physical and mental bodies disconnect and rest.


Stretching is cool and all but what about mobilizing the muscles and joints. You might think that stretching and mobilizing are the same thing…. but they sure are not!

Let us show you how mobility is NO JOKE, while leaving you feeling mighty fine.

During our non-traditional mobility class you will move in all sorts of funky ways as we focus on strengthening your body while finding full range of motion as we release tension from surrounding tissues. 


Let’s end your week with fun tunes and moves while on the mat!

This class is open to all levels and will be a lovely surprise from sound to movement every time. Each week there will be a new fun playlist mixed with some funky moves for our happy hour flow down. We might jam to hip-hop, maybe we move and groove to classic rock. Heck, we might even spice it up and blast some feel good jams to leave you with a beautiful smile post flow.

flow down get down

Let’s start your Sunday with no worries! Our Hakuna Matata Flow is a time where we will mix hatha with our flow styled classes. Meaning, we will move a bit slower, hold some poses a bit longer, but keep moving and grooving as we let all frustrations go.

Think of this as a Bob Marley style class as it’s a time to have fun, groove on the mat, and take time to not worry about a thing!

hakuna matata

Buti is a fusion of yoga asana, HIIT movements, tribal dance, and deep core activation. In class we jam to EDM style music! You can expect lots of grooves + sweaty moves all while getting your booty shaking!


Do you run, lift weight, or get sweaty in a hit class? Maybe you are just looking for a non-traditional type of yoga class to get your tight ass feeling mighty fine? Either way this class is for you! We will add in different props + moves that you normally don’t see in yoga class to get your mind and body balanced and ready to take on your next sweaty adventure. 


Calling all ma’am birds! Let's join on the mat for a class that is made just for you! We will get you moving through standing poses, strengthen muscles to support your body changes, and add in a few stretches to get you feeling mighty fine!


Let’s slow it downnnn. Yin yoga focuses on long holds to work past muscles and into connective tissue and blood stream. Most yin poses are floor based and can be a challenge both physically and mentally. Think of this as the “difficult” sister to restorative yoga. 


Join us for a fun, non-traditional practice with all the props! We will roll out the tight parts of body with foam rollers, lacrosse balls && more + guide you through some yummy stretches. If you are a yogi who lifts, runs, or enjoys other invigorating activities this class is a great balance to your lifestyle!

Roll And Stretch

When we say yoga is for everyBODY, we mean the little ones too! This class is a great way for your kiddo to release their energy in a safe space, while also learning body awareness and improving attention and focus. Each monthly class includes yoga, crafts and games, and even a healthy snack! 


Hop on the mat with your little one every 2nd Saturday of the month. This class guides fun poses and activities, making it the perfect bonding experience for mamas and toddlers.

Mommy and Me

Working on an arm balance or an inversion? This class is an awesome way for you to step out of your comfort zone and play on the mat. Class starts with a flow that breaks down and prepares you to take flight in inversions. We welcome all yogis to explore the playful side of yoga.

Flow and Flight

Looking to nerd out 1:1, you + a STL teacher on the mat?
Maybe you’re wanting to offer a private sesh for your family, co-works, or even a bachelorette party?
We can cover any and all of your requests inside our four walls and beyond.

Private Instruction

Pricing starts at $85 for a 60min individual in studio session.  

Message for full pricing break down, scheduling, and more.

Christina Baddar

A"This is the place to go if you aren’t just looking for a space to practice yoga, but an incredible community! Danielle and the team at Sky’s The Limit are constantly putting on new and thoughtful events like yoga around the city to even hosting book and run clubs! It is by far the best studio I’ve ever been to that just gives you the warmest feeling the moment you walk through the door!"

Emma Kirwan

"Absolutely love being a member here! It is affordable and the instructors are so kind and knowledgeable. There are so many different classes to take and you will always find classes that fit in your schedule. Best yoga studio in Norfolk without a doubt!"

Steph Stephens

"I’ve been a member since Sky’s The Limit opened, over a year ago, and I’ve found my yoga home. There are a variety of classes for all levels. All of the teachers are amazing! There are a ton of events always happening—Book club, community classes, yoga for kids and way more I can’t think of. I highly recommend!!!"

Lenna Mae Lerch

Amazing instructors on and off the mat plus the most adorable place. You can even score awesome swag, yoga gear, AND local products while you are there. Cannot recommend Sky’s The Limit Yoga enough!


I absolutely love sky's the Limit yoga. 🧘‍♀️ I have been following them for a good while now and have never been disappointed. I get a spiritual, and emotional, physical, workout every time 🥰 and I love the new space 😍 it's welcoming 🙏 ✨️ and warm. I am looking forward to getting to know all instructor's so far am in love with everything 😍 💕 ❤️

Carla RobinettE

I love the mix of mindful practice with awesome music and practical messages. Danielle's guidance is unlike any other practice I've ever experienced - she's been instrumental in anxiety and pain management with her flow and restorative sessions.


I’m hooked! Plenty of variety in terms of content and methods - Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and works to make yoga accessible and fulfilling.

Sarah Arn

The STL studio has everything you could want: relaxing stretches to meditation to a killer power class leaving you dripping in sweat. This is a wonderful place for all Norfolk yogis, from experienced to newbies. The classes are always different, and there's a really lovely community growing around the studio. They really have it all, and at a great price!

Scott Hensley

This is a great yoga studio. Danielle is almost a motivational speaker and you always feel inspired after leaving. Great cute location and lots of great instructors and flexible hours. If you are looking for a good yoga studio in Norfolk then you found it.


My 7 year old granddaughter does yoga here, along with her grandmother and they both love it. So great to have a place that does children's yoga!

Devin Landis

How can you not enjoy this place! The owner and her husband have made it such a place to feel wholesome and ZEN AF 😌. You are welcome from the very beginning and the teachers all are just amazing. You can tell the owner has really put everything into her home and we really appreciate just an amazing place to go


I am loving yoga at Sky’s The Limit! The teachers are phenomenal, the price point is very reasonable, and the studio offers a wide variety of classes and times. I can’t wait to continue taking classes at STL and 110% recommend to any new or experienced yogis in Norfolk! Come check them out for a killer workout or relaxing stretch

Emma Kirwan

Absolutely love being a member here! It is affordable and the instructors are so kind and knowledgeable. There are so many different classes to take and you will always find classes that fit in your schedule. Best yoga studio in Norfolk without a doubt!

Erica Garst

I’ve been a member here for almost a year now and the best part of my week is coming to the studio! I love the power classes, especially the Monday night 50/50 power/yin. The instructors are super helpful and create an inviting atmosphere for all levels of practice. The schedule of classes also makes it easy to fit a class in a busy schedule. Definitely recommend!

Claire Laibstain

"I am loving yoga at Sky’s The Limit! The teachers are phenomenal, the price point is very reasonable, and the studio offers a wide variety of classes and times. Danielle has created a warm and inviting environment; I am greeted with a smile every time I walk in. I can’t wait to continue taking classes at STL and 110% recommend to any new or experienced yogis in Norfolk! Come check them out for a killer workout or relaxing stretch."

Want to have a session right now?

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