We were community based from 2017-2021 hosting community classes throughout the 757. Now we have over 40 classes a week offered in studio and community classes spanning to 7 cities in the Hampton Roads area! Take a look at the day by day schedule or the PDF below. You can find everything from a strong powerful class to a slow yummy restorative sesh!


Lenna Mae Lerch

Amazing instructors on and off the mat plus the most adorable place. You can even score awesome swag, yoga gear, AND local products while you are there. Cannot recommend Sky’s The Limit Yoga enough!


I absolutely love sky's the Limit yoga. 🧘‍♀️ I have been following them for a good while now and have never been disappointed. I get a spiritual, and emotional, physical, workout every time 🥰 and I love the new space 😍 it's welcoming 🙏 ✨️ and warm. I am looking forward to getting to know all instructor's so far am in love with everything 😍 💕 ❤️

Carla RobinettE

I love the mix of mindful practice with awesome music and practical messages. Danielle's guidance is unlike any other practice I've ever experienced - she's been instrumental in anxiety and pain management with her flow and restorative sessions.


I’m hooked! Plenty of variety in terms of content and methods - Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and works to make yoga accessible and fulfilling.

Sarah Arn

The STL studio has everything you could want: relaxing stretches to meditation to a killer power class leaving you dripping in sweat. This is a wonderful place for all Norfolk yogis, from experienced to newbies. The classes are always different, and there's a really lovely community growing around the studio. They really have it all, and at a great price!

Scott Hensley

This is a great yoga studio. Danielle is almost a motivational speaker and you always feel inspired after leaving. Great cute location and lots of great instructors and flexible hours. If you are looking for a good yoga studio in Norfolk then you found it.


My 7 year old granddaughter does yoga here, along with her grandmother and they both love it. So great to have a place that does children's yoga!

Devin Landis

How can you not enjoy this place! The owner and her husband have made it such a place to feel wholesome and ZEN AF 😌. You are welcome from the very beginning and the teachers all are just amazing. You can tell the owner has really put everything into her home and we really appreciate just an amazing place to go


I am loving yoga at Sky’s The Limit! The teachers are phenomenal, the price point is very reasonable, and the studio offers a wide variety of classes and times. I can’t wait to continue taking classes at STL and 110% recommend to any new or experienced yogis in Norfolk! Come check them out for a killer workout or relaxing stretch